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Image1Dik Spekkink (1953) graduated in 1980 as an architect at the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Delft. After having worked as a draughtsman in an architectural firm in Arnhem for a couple of years, he joined SAOB, a research establishment specialized in the labour factor in the building industry. There he became a researcher and he found out that the research profession fitted him quite well. In 1987 Dik stepped over to EGM architecten, one of the larger architectural firms in the Netherlands with offices in Dordrecht and Rotterdam. EGM offered him the opportunity to perform his new profession within the context of his 'old' one. He became the head of the EGM R&D department and in 1991, when this department became an independent firm within the EGM organisation, the managing director of EGM Onderzoek BV (EGM Research Ltd). In 1997 Dik was offered a partnership in EGM and he joined the Board of Directors. He started his own consultancy and research firm on the 1rst of January 2001.


Spekkink C&R
Middelvaart 13
4285 WS Woudrichem

T +31 (0) 183 - 66 12 00
F +31 (0) 183 - 66 18 21
M +31 (0) 653 - 73 90 49
E info@spekkink.nl